A downloadable game

Fly as far as you can!

Playing in virtual reality for Cardboard you can be played in VR and VR-NO

2 game modes

- Unlimited Adventure (Sky Race)

- History of the island

3 amazing flying dinosaurs

- kite

- sheet

- Glider

3 beautiful land

- Beach

- Cave

- Jungle

3 boosters

- Heart

- Shield

- Arrow

Experience the adventure of Flyer VR game for Cardboard. Check out what happened on the island and help the dinosaurs flying back to their nests and eggs.

★★★ Key Features ★★★

Beautiful hand-painted surroundings

Addictive adventure music

VR and VR-DO mode

Two game modes

More than 9 maps, plus one randomly generated in Infinite adventure

Three different dinosaurs with improvements

More than 60 achievements

3 scoreboards

3 boosters

many obstacles

hours of playing

Lot of sky-Race

One of the first games to support the VR Carboard and other devices.

Requirements and notes

For a better experience dress headphones

Not all devices can launch Virtual Reality

Have fun!





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